Tamilnadu State Board New Syllabus Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Guide Pdf Term 3 Poem 2 Courage Text Book Back Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes.

Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Solutions Term 3 Poem 2 Courage

7th English Guide Courage Text Book Back Questions and Answers

Warm Up (Text Book Page No. 121)

Look at the face It chart. Discuss in small groups and tell how to face those situations.
Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Guide Term 3 Poem 2 Courage 1

If you aspire to get the trophy on the sports day well and good. Aspiration is not enough. You have to practice for it taking painful efforts. You might get into fights, you might become sick, you might get some other problems. Still you have to target the trophy in your mind. You have to work for it. Then you will be successful surely.

Read and Understand (Text Book Page No. 123)

A. Answer the following questions.

1. Can courage be developed suddenly? Why?
Courage is not a brilliant dash. It is not an instant thing. It is something deep in the soul of man.

2. When should we have courage?
Courage persists in man always. It is an ingrained trait. It cannot be called in the times of danger.

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3. Give an example for dazzling light.
Any light however powerful it is, it flashes and passes away from sight. But Courage is a permanent thing. It dwells in the heart of brave men for ever.

4. Can a courageous man be defeated? Why?
Yes. A courageous man also meet many defeats, but he will not give up his target due to failure. He will struggle hard to overcome defeat and hardships.

5. What is the ‘breath of life’?
Courage is the breath of life.

6. What are the characteristics of a courageous man?
Patience, strength, hard work, doing daring deeds, striving for distant goal are the characteristics of courageous men. They are men of planning and unwavering.

Appreciation Questions

B. Read the following lines and answer the questions.

1. It isn ’t an instantaneous thing
Born of despair with a sudden spring
a. What does ‘it’ refer to?
Courage is not a quality that can arise in a person all of a sudden. ‘It’ refers to the quality of courage.

b. What does ‘born of despair mean’?
A moment of despair can not bring out courage in a person. Because courage is a quality that is deep in the soul of man.

2. It’s a slow, unwavering, ingrained trait
With the patience to work and the strength to wait
a. What is an ‘ingrained trait’?
Courage is an ingrained trait of bold man.

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b. Why does a courageous man need patience?
Victory in anything does not come easily. The strong men strive hard for their distant goal with patience and hardwork.

3. It’s part of his hours, his days and his years,
Back of his smiles and behind his tears.
a. What does ‘tears’ mean?
Hardships and trials are difficulties , we face in our struggles. Defeats and tears are obstacles in the path of strong men. Still they are courageous to do their daring deeds.

Literary Appreciation:

C. Work in pairs and answer the following. (Text Book Page No. 124)

1. Pick out the alliterated words:
1. Sudden spring,
2. daring deed,
3. serve some plan

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Guide Prose Chapter 2 I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore

2. Pick out the rhyming words.
1. dash – flash
2. thing – spring
3. hope – rope
4. not – hot
5. goal – soul
6. sight – trait
7. blue – do
8. freed – need
9. show – go
10. defeat – meet
11. years tears
12. deed – creed

3. Write the rhyming scheme of the poem.
The scheme of the poem runs as ab, ab, ab, ab, ab scheme in four stanze.

Creative Writing

Bio – Poem

A Bio-poem is an essay about oneself in the form of poetry.

Line 1 : Your name
Line 2 : Four adjectives that describe you.
Line 3 : Son of / daughter of… brother of / sister of.
Line 4 : Lover of three people, things, or idea.
Line 5 : Who feels (three sensations or emotion)
Line 6 : Who needs (three things)
Line 7 : Who gives (three things)
Line 8 : Who fears (three things)
Line 9 : Who would like to see (three persons or places)
Line 10: Who lives …
Line 11: your last name

Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Guide Term 3 Poem 2 Courage 2

Energetic, hard-working, presistent, loving
Daughter of Raj and Mary, Sister ofJohn
Lover of books, music, dance
who feels happy, bright, smart
Who needs service, training and sharing
Who gives help, care and courage
Who fears unkind words Wash judgements
and uncharitable deeds
Who would like to see Nile river
Who lives in clara India

D. Work in small groups. Pick out the adjectives and nouns that suit you using a dictionary. Read the steps given. Arrange adjectives and nouns like the given sample to construct your BioPoem. Present in the class.

Adjective in the Bio-Poem Nouns in the Bio Poem
Energetic, Hard Working, Persistent, Unkind, Uncharitable, happy, bright, smart Nirmala, Daughter, Raj, Mary, sister, John, lover, books, music, dance, help, care, courage, happy, bright, smart, training, sharing, words, judgement, deeds, Nile, river, India

7th English Guide Courage Additional Appreciation Questions

1. “Courage isn’t the last resort
In the work of life or the game of sport;
It isn’t a thing that a man can call ”
a. What is not a thing that a man can call according to the poet?
Courage can not be called by man. It is not the last resort in the work of life or the game of sport.

2. “Courage was never designed for show; ”
a. What does the poet mean in this line?
The poet tells courage is a quality. It can be seen only in action. Courage can not be exhibited in empty words or show.

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3. “It’s the breath of life and a strong man’s creed”
a. Why does the poet say the above line?
Courage is an ingrained trait and it is in one’s breath and blood. It is an inborn quality. Strong men never have fear. Courage is their creed.

Courage Summary in English

Courage is in the soul of man. When a man strives for a distant goal. He must have courage with in his soul. It is part of the man. It is in victory and defeat. It is in smiles and tears. It is the breath of life.

Courage Summary in Tamil

தைரியம் என்பது மனிதனின் ஆன்மாவில் உள்ளது. மனிதன் இலட்சியத்தை நோக்கி முயற்சிக்கும் போது அவன் இதயத்தில் துணிவு இருக்க வேண்டும். துணிவு மனிதனின் இதயத்தின் ஒரு பகுதியாகும். இது வெற்றியிலும் உண்டு. தோல்வியிலும் உண்டு. புன்னகையிலும் உண்டு. கண்ணீரிலும் உண்டு. வாழ்வின் மூச்சுக் காற்றிலும் உண்டு .

Courage About the Author in English

Edgar Albert Guest (1881-1959) was a profilic England- born American poet who was popular in the first half of the 20th century and became known as the People’s poet. His poem often had an inspirational and optimistic view.

Courage About the Author in Tamil

எட்கார் ஆல்பர்ட் கெஸ்ட் என்பவர் (1881 -1959) வரை வாழ்ந்தவர். இங்கிலாந்தில் பிறந்த அமெரிக்கர். 20ஆம் நூற்றாண்டின் முன் பாதியில் பிரபலமாய் இருந்தவர். மக்களின் கவிஞர் என்று புகழ் பெற்றவர். அவரது கவிதைகள் ஆர்வமூட்டுபவை. நல்ல நம்பிக்கை ஊட்டுபவை. நம் அன்றாட வாழ்வில் உற்சாகத்தை ஊட்டுபவை.